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THE FALL available on Amazon.com
THE FALL now available on Amazon
Preview The Fall

THE FALL graphic novel can be previewed online.

Now the paperback from amazon.com has 12 eye- opening pages of never before revealed material.

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Visit official website of "BONEME: How to Kiss a Monster"
"Boneme" paperback available on Amazon
"Boneme" by Joy Rip
Subtitle: "How to Kiss a Monster." A fairy tale made by monsters for monsters. Preview the book "Boneme" on Amazon with its "Look Inside This Book" feasture.
Preview "Boneme" on Amazon
Satan tells why he fell in his graphic novel "The Fall."


View entire book for free online!

The Devil explains it all in the graphic novel "THE FALL"   by Author Q in a frank face-to-face with a fallen angel named A who may or may not be the fallen Archangel Lucifer or vengeful Satan himself.

96 pages of original images and ideas you will see nowhere else. This iconoclastic picture book for both comic book lovers and haters takes the form of a Q&A interview with the 'fallen one', Satan. It asks and answers the ancient question "Why did Satan fall?" from The Devil's own point of view.

THE FAll is "an elegant and thought provoking meditation on power, love and fear."
— Charles Schick
NYC painter

Never got through Milton's Paradise Lost? Never picked it up? Not even the Spark Notes? THE FALL is far shorter, more to-the-point with less words, and best of all, has pictures.
It's the unforgiving story of Satan's fall straight from The Devil's mouth. See the complete unholy 96-page graphic novel  THE FALL  by the 'fallen one' himself. And no, he never read Milton either.

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