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Flash Comic Number 0002
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Art of Spam! Issue numb 2: "Art Is Advertising: Ads R Us" is Part 2 of The Adman's one man crusade for and against art as nothing more than the mental extension of every living being's natural selfish desire to live, survive, thrive and grow by increasing his mind share and market share in the drive for more mental, physical and material power.

Yes, says The Adman. Even the drive for greater spiritual power is nothing more than this same desire to expand our mind share / market share of the world... and beyond..., but only by expanding into that particular utopian world which we create in our minds and the minds of others and really want to live in... only that world which we truly desire... only that type of world we imagine exists... or imagine can exist... and want... only that best -of-all-worlds we dream up and yearn to live in.

Every utopian dream is driven by the spiritual and physical desire for power. With power comes freedom. With power comes more control and less chaos in our lives. This power, freedom, control, is a primal passion. It is a primal need. It is the power to realize one's wishes and dreams.

Every dream, every hope, is powered by mental and material needs.

Every dream is a self-serving ad. The real trick, however, is to make the ad so appealing that others will buy it. That is, they will buy your ad rather than create their own. Plus... not only will they buy your ad, they will think it's their own. They will make it their own.

Yes. "If you be in my dream, I'll be in yours," said one winning salesman to the other. This mutual illusion, and sometimes mutually productive illusion, is at the heart of every dream of Unity. There's no need to be lonely or alone. Sign here. Declared The Adman.

"Art of Spam!"  is a webcomic featuring humor from the lonely world of marketing & art. Made by The Adman.
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