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"Before the word, was the image. Before the still, was movement. Before written words, was serial art. Before motion pictures, was the moving image. Before me, was 'It'."

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Flash Comic Number 0003
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Art of Spam! Issue numb 3: "Smile: Anatomy of a 'simple' attention-getting device"  uses nudity and the hint of sex to get you to pay attention to just how important attention truly is to us and always has been.

"Smile, said The Adman..."

Every desire and ambition is a form of self-promotion. Every hope and every dream is a form of self-promotion. And every form of self-promotion is a primeval grab for attention. Every grab for attention is a primal grab for wealth, power, love. Every grab for wealth... power... love... fundamentally begins as a primal grab for attention.

Every intentional effort made to get attention results in the creation of an attention-getting device. Every effort made to attract attention is a bid for acclaim. Every effort to gain recognition is an effort to profit mentally and materially.* And this effort, here, is no different.

* No one here has figured out how to profit materially from this (or any) comic.. unless my brain has physically grown by doing it. Haa. Here's hoping it didn't cause all our brains to shrink. I think I got a fat head (and no acclaim) from it. Yes. But that's not the same thing.

Every work of art is an attention-getting device.
Art is a publicity stunt.

"Not all advertising is good art. But all art is advertising, good and bad. The art of the promotional stunt is the only undying art. Art once only promoted gods and kings. Today, art promotes anyone, everyone. It's the star vehicle for anything and everything. It's Democratization of Art! Smiled The Adwoman."
The Adwoman
"Art of Spam!"  is a webcomic featuring humor from the lonely world of marketing & art. Made by The Adwoman.
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