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Flash Comic Number 0042
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Art of Spam! Issue numb 42: "IMPORTANT!"  What's more important than survival? Being important! Survival is important only because it is important to be alive. And it is important to be alive only because we can sense it's importance. Being conscious gives us the power to sense the importance of being alive.

Being conscious gives us a sense of importance. Being conscious allows us to sense importance, feel important, be important. Being important is the name of the game. Being conscious is the force driving, playing, the game.

Want to be important? Who doesn't? Already think you're important? Who doesn't? Think everyone should be important? Welcome to the club. Think everyone is important? Prove it. Think you shouldn't have to prove it? Welcome to the club.

Join us. Membership is free and open to all. What are the benefits of joining our club? Strength in numbers, friend. Strength in our (disgruntled) numbers. Our numbers are strong. Our numbers are huge. Bigger and stronger than the happy. Bigger and stronger than the content. Bigger and stronger than the famously successful. Bigger and stronger than the rich and powerful. Bigger is better.

Life is cheap when death is even cheaper. Death becomes larger than life when death overshadows and obliterates life. Can anything, can anyone, really be important in the face of death?

Everything important is a matter of life and death. Everything important is a question of life and death. Are you important? Will you still be important after you pass?

Death seems to negate life. Death seems to negate everything. Life is short. Eternity is forever.

Make eternity important! Make life count!

"Feeling Vulnerable? Weak? Helpless? Hopeless? Afraid? Threatened by Everyone and Everything? Death's knocking at your very Door? Close the Curtains. Draw the Latch. Sit by the Fire and Spin. Find your Sense of Immortality in the Dark. Find a Dream! Then Dream It! Be a Dreamer! Be Fearless!" Sang The Adman.

"Art of Spam!"  is a webcomic featuring humor from the lonely world of art & marketing. Made by The Adman.
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