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"Before the word, was the image. Before the still, was movement. Before written words, was serial art. Before motion pictures, was the moving image. Before me, was 'It'."

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Flash Comic Number 0043
Click to see something very important!

Art of Spam! Issue numb 43: "VERY IMPORTANT!"  Made you look (I hope). However, more importantly, I truly do hope you found something worth looking at. I do indeed! After all, nobody in their right mind sets out intentionally to waste their own or another's precious time. Life is short.

Making people look is every adman's business. It's my job to make you look at something so you know my client, product or business exists. Making people look (at something) so people know you are alive... and are important... is everone's business. Being important is everyone's business model. Modeling importance is everyone's business.

Life is short. Make it count! Your life is short. Stand up and be counted!

The Adman's 5 self-serving rules of importance:

1. Make people look!

2. Once you've got people's attention, hang on to it.

3. Looking and paying attention to anything or anyone makes he, she or it important.

4. The longer people look and the more they pay attention to something, the more important it becomes.

5. The more people look and pay attention to something, the more opportunity there is to exploit it $$.

"Feeling Unimportant? Like you don't even Exist? Close the Curtains. Draw the Latch. Sit by the Fire and Spin. Find your Sense of Visibility in the Dark. Find a Looker! Then Make them Look at It! Be a Looker! Be Looked At!" Sang The Adman.

"Art of Spam!"  is a webcomic featuring humor from the lonely world of art & marketing. Made by The Adman.
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