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Flash Comic Number 0047
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Art of Spam! Issue numb 47: "CELEBRITY!"  Sex with the stars! That's what fame feels like. Even stars want to have sex with the stars. It's true. It's on the news. It's in the news. There's no escaping it. It's hypnotic. And... Yes... You...    You can have it , too.

You know you want it, too.

Now... repeat after me: "Nothing is more important than being important. And nothing feels or seems more important than being famous. Be famous! Be a celebrity! Be celebrated! Be loved!"

Fame is the most potent and the most intoxicating elixir of youth. Fame is by far the most famous of all immortalized love potions. Love and be loved on a scale you can't imagine. Be a celebrity! It promises to be a mind-blowing cosmic orgy of interdimensional, interracial and international public lovemaking.

Don't be the only one uninvited to the world's party. Don't let all those undeserving others be the life of the party. Don't hide your light under a bushel. Open yourself up to the world. Come out and party! The night's still young.

"Face It. You're Nothing If Your Not Known!"

You're nothing if not known. You're nothing if you're an unknown. You're worst than nothing if you're content with remaining unknown.

So get off your damn lazy ass and try to become known! You deserve nothing if you don't at least try.

Become known! Become known for something, anything.  I don't care. Become known for being known. Become known for becoming known. Become known for getting known. Become an adman!

"Feeling Unknown? Like You're a big.. fat.. Nothing? Close the Curtains. Draw the Latch. Sit by the Fire and Spin. Fan the Flame of Disgruntled Infamy in this Deep Damn Dark. Then Explode! Launch your Attack! Make your Damn Presence known!" Sang and Scoffed The Adman.

"Art of Spam!"  is a webcomic featuring humor from the lonely world of art & marketing. Made by The Adman.
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