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Flash Comic Number 0050
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Art of Spam! Issue numb 50: "CAREGIVER!"  Who would really care if you were gone? Who would even really know you were gone if you were to just suddenly disappear today? Who do you really know? More importantly, who really knows you? Only those who really know you would even have a chance to really miss you. More missing people are unmissed than missed. More dead are forgotten than remembered. Yes. All have come and gone; none have stuck around. All are just passing through; not one really belongs. No one really knows how to care, because nothing lasts long enough to really matter.

All we can hope for in the form of immortality is for the story of our brief life to be made into a short home movie. Seen on a starry night.

So enjoy the picture. Enjoy the show. I promise to watch yours if you watch mine. Starring me. Starring you. Starring everyone. Introducing Ms. Naturalee as The Caregiver.

"Feeling Old? Unattended? Unappreciated and Unloved? You're Afraid of Dying Alone? Close the Curtains. Draw the Latch. Sit by the Fire and Spin. Make Noise! Make a Scene! Explode into Consciousness. Explode into their Awareness. Make them see and hear you. Grab their Attention! Make your damn presence Known! Don't be a missing person. Make them sit up and take notice. Then sit back. Enjoy the Show." Sang The Adman.

"Art of Spam!"  is a webcomic featuring humor from the lonely world of art & marketing. Made by The Adman.
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