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"Before the word, was the image. Before the still, was movement. Before written words, was serial art. Before motion pictures, was the moving image. Before me, was 'It'."


"Art of Spam!"  is a webcomic featuring humor from the lonely world of marketing, art and the ignoble life of spamming for survival. We turn mind-numbing marketing hooks and ploys everyone hates into art comics no one wants. Who are we?

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Flash Comic Update

Flash Comic Number 0040
Click to look!

"LOOKER!"   There's a looker. Here's a looker. Everyone is or wants to be a looker. Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We'll keep feeding our heads long after our bellies are full. Savored The Adman.

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Flash Comic Number 0039
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"LOOK TWO!"  She's a looker. And you can be a looker, too. Just know what to bait your hook with. With the right bait, you'll turn heads, too, and not because you're scary-looking or uglier than hell like me. Advised The Adman.

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Flash Comic Number 0038
Click to look!

"LOOK!"  Take a deep breath and look. Nothing to see here? Seen it all before? Everyone wants your attention. So who's paying attention to you? Just you? Do you really exist if your the only one who knows you're alive? Asked The Adwoman.

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Flash Comic Number 0037
Click. Who needs words?!

"SPEACHLESSS!"   Visual artists strive to be struck mute. They want to create images that are more powerful than words. Images should defy description. Images should be beyond interpretation. Being... at a loss for words is a good thing in the art world. Thus spake The Adwoman.

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Flash Comic Number 0036
Click to see beautiful breasts!

"BREAST EXAM 3!"  Portrait of breast self-exam. Beautiful breasts studied by the World Institute of Esthetic Research Into Human Worship & Desire. Create a Fertility Cult. Or Join Ours! Sang out The Adman.

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Flash Comic Number 0035
Click to see girls generate heat & light!

"WRESTLEMANIA!"  Nothing short of joy explodes when the world's most beautiful women take the stage on Fight Night. More heat than light? Not if you've got good seats. Not if you know how to analyze the action. Plugged The Adman.

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Flash Comic Number 0034
Click to see these girls fight!

"GIRLFIGHT FIGHTGIRL!"  "I sing the body Electric," writes Whitman... "Energy is Eternal Delight," writes Blake. Spring has Sprung! Circus's in Town! Crowds love hot action, bright lights. Give 'em a damn fight! Belts out The Adwoman.

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Flash Comic Number 0033
Click to see this twosome!

"TWOSOMES!"  Onesome is so lonesome. Every onesome yearns for a twosome. Every pious nonesome wants to be a joyful twosome. Every tangled twosome is the envy of every lonesome girl and boy. Spring is here! Sings The Adwoman.

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Flash Comic Number 0032
Click to see this toy give so much joy!

"TOY JOY!"  What real woman needs a boy toy when modern science offers every girl ever more revolutionary Joy Toys? Even if you have your doubts about a toy replacing a real live boy, every girl needs a reliable backup for when her man fails. It is never a matter of if he fails, but when he fails. So sayeth The Adwoman.

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Flash Comic Number 0031
Click to see me eat humble pie!

"MASH!"  Life is a silly stinky sweet mish-mash of spirit & sweat. Passion is a mash of divine inspiration and animal perspiration. Art is a smashup between love and commerce. Advertising is a humble mash of art and porn. Play with your food! Sayeth The Adwoman.

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